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From reading 'to' children, to reading 'with' children - Techniques for Interactive Storytelling - with Alison Nemoto


Date: March 8, 2020

Time: 14:00 - 16:00 (we often have dinner after, so please join if you're free)
Venue: Tamadaira no Mori Fureaikan  / Tamadaira Koryu Center, Shukai shitsu 3-11

Map to the Venuehttps://goo.gl/maps/HcGJSJukxMm


About the event:

Children everywhere love entering the magical world of picture books, so reading picture books aloud could be considered an ideal introduction to learning English as a foreign language. Regarding L1 language acquisition, Trelease (2013) points out that when reading aloud, “a pleasure connection is being made between child and book, both parent and child are learning something from the book they are sharing (double learning), and the adult is pouring sounds and syllables called words into the child’s ear,” but what adaptations are necessary in the case of L2 language acquisition?

Another read-aloud advocator, Lambert (2015), views a picture book as “a meeting space, that ‘playground for the mind,” for children and adults to interact with one another on a common ground of words, pictures and design,” but how can we assist young learners to personalize the content or think about the story to take part in a class discussion?

In this presentation the “Whole Book Approach,” developed by Lambert will be introduced, as well as the presenter’s recommended picture book titles and many practical techniques to engage Japanese young learners’ interest and creativity during English story time. Findings from the presenter’s research on how using picture books in English class have changed both children’s images of English and trainee teachers’ views on how to teach English, will also be shared.



Alison Nemoto is from the UK and trained as a primary school teacher, before coming to Japan on the JET programme in 1989. She holds an MA in Teaching English to Young Learners and has over 20 years of experience teaching in kindergartens, primary schools and junior high schools. She is a Specially Appointed Professor at Miyagi University of Education in Sendai and has been working there for 8 years. She has used picture books with her students in all educational contexts.

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