Mission Statement 

West Tokyo JALT aims to maintain a sense of community among the West Tokyo educators, researchers, and administrators by hosting regular social events, meetings and workshops on a wide variety of teaching and professional development topics.

Please watch for announcements related to West Tokyo’s monthly events here on this website, via our mailing list, and on our Facebook Group. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact any of the West Tokyo JALT officers at westtokyojalt@gmail.com.


President: Prumel Barbudo

Treasurer: David Baird

Treasurer in training: Jason Pratt

Program Chair: Wendy M Gough

Membership Chair: Chiyuki Yanase

Website Administrator: Decha Hongthong

Publicity Chair: Mariana Senda

​Officers at Large: Tadashi Ishida, Derek Herbert

Officer Bios

​Prumel Barbudo

I have an extensive teaching experience in Japan and the Philippines for over 15 years in various contexts. After obtaining my master’s degree in education, I came to Japan as a Monbusho Japanese Government scholar to do research on English education. When I started teaching in Japan, I joined JALT and it has tremendously helped me in my professional growth. I am very glad to be a part of it! (2019 Best Poster Award Winner)

David Baird

Wendy Gough

I was drinking heavily in a bar in Roppongi when an American with a beard and a smooth opening line came up to me and started talking. I soon blacked out. After that, the next thing I remember was waking up at a JALT meeting for West Tokyo and being told I was the treasurer. 
The other story is I have been a teacher in Japan for the last 18 years, first starting in a now bankrupt eikaiwa chain then moving to Business English teaching and now working in two year language college. Presently I split time between the college teaching and teaching Business English classes. As always I am looking for new teaching challenges and better pay.

I have been involved in the JALT organization on various levels from chapter member and officer, to the ‘Pink Shirts’ Interns Coordinator at the International JALT conference and currently as a SIG Coordinator. As a doctoral student and full time university instructor, I have a lot on my plate, but the chance to become the Publicity Chair for West Tokyo JALT is an exciting opportunity for me to give back to an organization that has been so supportive of me personally and professionally over the years. I’m looking forward to meeting new people, working with an enthusiastic group of officers, and helping the chapter usher in a new era of teaching, learning, and social events to support the teaching community. (SIG Rep Liaison)

Chiyuki Yanase

I am a language school owner and a lecturer at several universities in Tokyo. I’ve been teaching English for young learners aged from 6 to 13 as well as teenagers for over 20 years. I hold MSc in TEYL from Aston University. My research interests focus on collaborative learning and the literacy development of young learners. I’ve presented at numerous conferences and published several articles on team-teaching, learner autonomy and collaborative learning. I’ve been a membership chair for West Tokyo JALT since 2016. (2019 Kevin Cleary Featured Speaker)

Decha Hongthong

I have been a part of JALT for about 13 years and have held various positions at the chapter and national level. I love learning new things and a good story. Please feel free to talk to me about anything if you see me around!

Mariana Senda

My name is Mariana and I have been working in teaching in Japan for over 16 years. The chance to be involved in West Tokyo JALT is more than a blessing because it is an amazing world of sharing, learning and growing. I consider that providing educators, instructors or English teachers with valuable information is an essential step in providing a better education. I also believe that collaboration opens windows to awareness and promotes significant changes in making a difference in teaching.

My duty is to keep you informed in the media about WTJALT and its partners’ events. Each of us matter and together, we make the change!

Derek Herbert

I have been teaching English in Japan for many years and love living and working here.  I have recently become a member of the West Tokyo Chapter and I am really looking forward to working closely with the team in order to help promote events. I love meeting new people and building a network of new relationships within the teaching community.  I have a passion to continually enhance my development as a teaching professional. I must also apologise for the crookedness of my tie in the profile picture! 

Jason Pratt

I have been teaching for several years once again after a wonderful period at the Afghan government, most often at the embassy in Tokyo. My experiences have further convinced me of the power of communication in this increasingly connected world. I have a wonderful love for West Tokyo JALT as it has helped me to be a better educator and contributor at my school. (Best of JALT 2018 winner)

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