Four Corners Tour 2017

Can't attend the JALT International Conference 2017?

We’re following up September’s successful My Share event with two pre-conference presentations by International JALT conference Balsamo Asian Scholar, Dr. Stefanie Shamila Pillai and Plenary Speaker, Dr. Gabriel Díaz Maggioli.

This year, the West Tokyo Chapter of JALT will host these accomplished scholars of language teaching as part of the Four Corners Tour. The tour is in its 29th year of bringing workshops and lectures to JALT chapters and academic institutions. This is a great opportunity for all ELT professionals who want to gain useful insights into languange learning and teaching. All are welcome!

Following the presentations, there will be a casual dinner gathering in a nearby restaurant for a chance to connect with fellow language professionals. Please RSVP here by October 31, 2017.

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Event Information

JALT Members: free

Non-members: 1,000 yen

Date: Saturday, November 11th, 2017

Time: 13:00-17:00 (Dinner schedule & details TBA)

Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Library 2F Seminar Room 2 [if gte vml 1]><v:shape id="image3.png" o:spid="_x0000_s1026" type="#_x0000_t75" style='position:absolute;margin-left:223.15pt;margin-top:17.65pt; width:64.15pt;height:64.15pt;z-index:251659264;visibility:visible; mso-wrap-style:square;mso-wrap-distance-left:9pt;mso-wrap-distance-top:9pt; mso-wrap-distance-right:9pt;mso-wrap-distance-bottom:9pt; mso-position-horizontal:absolute;mso-position-horizontal-relative:margin; mso-position-vertical:absolute;mso-position-vertical-relative:text'> <v:imagedata src="file:///C:/Users/Ryu/AppData/Local/Packages/oice_16_974fa576_32c1d314_318b/AC/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image003.png" o:title=""></v:imagedata> <w:wrap type="square" anchorx="margin"></w:wrap></v:shape><![endif]

*7-minute walk from Nishi-Kokubunji Station South Exit

Address: 2-2-26 Izumi-cho, Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo, 185-8520 (Map)


13:10-13:30: Doors Open, Registration & Light Snacks

13:30-15:00: Presentation 1 & Q & A

Learning English Outside the Classroom by Dr. Stefanie Pillai

15:00-15:20: Refreshments and Networking

15:20-16:50: Presentation 2 & Q & A

Developing Oracy Skills in the Classroom by Dr. Gabriel Maggioli

16:50-17:00: Concluding Remarks and Wrap-up

18:00 onwards: After the event, there will be a casual dinner gathering for an extended networking opportunity at a nearby restaurant.

Presenter Abstracts and Bios

Learning English Outside the Classroom

Presenter: Dr. Stefanie Shamila Pillai

One problem that many tertiary institutions face in relation to English language education is that students’ use of English may be limited to their English language classes. The Language Unit of the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, University of Malaya conducts compulsory English language proficiency classes to all undergraduates at the University. In order to create more opportunities for students to use English beyond the classroom, and to motivate students who are not very proficient in English, two signature programmes for English language have been initiated by the Language Unit. The first programme is ‘English is Awesome – Let’s Perform’, aimed at students who are at CEFR A1-A2 levels. The second is, ‘English is Awesome – Let’s Write’ for students at CEFR B1 level. The aim of these programmes is to provide guided out-of-classroom opportunities to use English. Both programmes have a competitive element with prizes for the best play and essay. In this presentation I will explain how these programmes are carried out. I will also provide samples of the output of these programmes, and discuss the feedback on this programmes by participants and their mentors.

Bio statement:

Dr. Pillai is a Professor at the Department of English Language, Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, University of Malaya (UM). Her main areas of research interest are the segmental and prosodic features of spoken Malaysian English, and the revitalisation of Malacca Portuguese Creole or Cristang. Her initial work on the Creole was funded by, and has been archived in the Endangered Languages Archive ( She is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics. She was also the Deputy Dean for Postgraduate Studies of the Faculty from August 2014, and previously headed the University's Centre for Industrial Training and Relations, which later expanded to become the Centre for Community and Industry Relations.

Developing Oracy Skills in the Classroom

Presenter: Dr. Gabriel Díaz Maggioli

The development of oracy skills is generally cited as one of the difficulties that English language teachers experience. In this workshop we will explore various tried and tested techniques that get students talking...and talking...and talking. Come to this workshop and learn a variety of techniques to help boost your learners' oral expression.

No matter what level we teach, we are generally confronted with silence whenever we introduce a speaking class. In this session, I will attempt to present a series of techniques that help learners activate their passive knowledge of the language so that they can express themselves orally both with fluency and with accuracy. The techniques range from controlled to free so that they can be usefully applied not just to the development of oracy skills, but also to the development of language as a whole.

Bio statement:

Gabriel Diaz Maggioli is a teacher who applies the lessons learned in the classroom to his roles as teacher educator, researcher and author. His area of research is the application of Sociocultural Learning Theory to the field of teacher learning. Gabriel has authored, and co-authored, 28 books ranging from coursebooks to reference books, as well as numerous academic articles. He has shared his theories and praxis with colleagues in the Americas, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. Gabriel also works as a consultant for international agencies such as the European Union, UNESCO, UNICEF, the British Council, the US Department of State, and The World Bank. He currently lives and works in Uruguay, where he is Tenured Professor of TESOL Methods at the National Teacher Education College, and Director of the MATESOL Program at CLAEH University.

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