Extensive Reading MyShare: Perspectives on Employing XReading's online resources to benefit students

Date/Time: January 19, 2020 (6:00 PM to 8:00 PM)

Location: Cocobunji Plaza, Kokubunji, Tokyo



Presenters (check back for updates):

  1. Paul Goldberg, XReading

  2. Marcel Van Amelsvoort, Juntendo University

  3. Timothy Gutierrez, Nihon University

  4. Anna Husson Isozaki, Lakeland University, Japan

  5. Richard John Walker, Reitaku University

  6. Andrew Reimann, Aoyama Gakuen University

Overall Abstract: Extensive Reading is recognized as an important component of language learning. However, implementing and managing an Extensive Reading program can be challenging. Fortunately, many of these challenges have been overcome by the development of XReading, an online library that provides unlimited access to over a thousand graded readers, and allows teachers to monitor and assess their students’ reading progress. Hundreds of universities and high schools have adopted the system. At this meeting, presenters from the XReading Users group will share with West Tokyo chapter guests how to employ XReading in various contexts. Other participants are invited to share their own experiences, ask questions, and raise related issues.

Individual Abstracts (updated regularly)

Paul Goldberg (XReading) “Xreading v2: What’s new”: In April 2020, a new version of Xreading will be launched. In this presentation, the founder of the service will explain the changes and improvements users can expect. Participants will be encouraged to share their feedback and express which features they would like to see added in the future.

Marcel Van Amelsvoort (Juntendo University): We’ve been using XReading since 2015 in an international liberal arts program at a private university in Tokyo. XReading helps the coordinator to see the progress of the program in a way that was not possible with paper-based programs. It helps teachers monitor student progress and stay involved with student reading, something that I have found is crucial to successful compliance, completion, and enjoyment and skill development.

Timothy Gutierrez (Nihon University) “Implementing Extensive Listening with XReading": In the talk, I will discuss how I administer a well-rounded listening curriculum which includes (a) extensive listening, (b) intensive listening and (c) language focused learning of the suprasegmental features of English. This administration uses XReading, Moodle and a textbook, Communication Spotlight.

Anna Husson Isozaki (Lakeland University Japan) “Using the Research and Getting Over the Hump”: How many teachers from abroad experience our eyes glazing over when we pick up a book of kanji-filled pages? (And then we drop it….) But we can carry on and enjoy conversations - and audiobooks tap into this natural power (and pleasure) with stories. The amazing thing is that hooking up the listening and the print that we struggle with powers up the smoothing of both. There are a number of useful tricks available to make this work for our students and a couple crucial things to keep in mind while making it work for them. I’m looking forward to meeting up, sharing experiences and ideas, and especially sharing what I’ve learned from my students.

Richard John Walker (Reitaku University) “One Million Words – and Counting”: XReading is sometimes used as an optional extra within a course, and, in such contexts, we can learn more from the outlier than from the average user. This short talk considers successful users of XReading within a specified context and focuses on a low-level student who read a million words in under eight months.

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