West Tokyo JALT Presents Jason Appreciates You Party!

Date: March 8, 2020

Time: 14:00 - 16:00 (we often have dinner after, so please join if you're free) Venue: Tamadaira no Mori Fureaikan / Tamadaira Koryu Center, Shukai shitsu 303

Map to the Venue: https://goo.gl/maps/HcGJSJukxMm

About the event:

West Tokyo JALT's president, Jason Pratt, will be starting a new position in Yamanashi from April. As a result, he is stepping down as president (and all though this is written in the 3rd person, Jason is writing it). Jason will be replaced by the wonderful Prumel Barbudo, who will serve the remainder of Jason's term as president until elections are held in the summer when he or a newly elected president will assume the role for another year.

Jason had what he describes (remember Jason is writing this himself) as a really top-notch time in West Tokyo and met so many quality people. He'd like to say thank you for supporting him in this wonderful adventure.

We will thus celebrate with a potlatch party at our regular venue. Have nothing to bring? Jason will do his best to still keep you fed, but he hopes you'll at least bring your own drinks.

Photo taking with Jason, autographs, and so on are of course free.

This event is scheduled to replace the "From reading 'to' children, to reading 'with' children - Techniques for Interactive Storytelling", as the speaker, Alison Nemoto, unfortunately had to cancel.

For more information about the event or if you are interested in presenting in the future, please contact us at WestTokyoJALT@gmail.com

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