Scott Andrew Mclellan: Student-led Research Workshop - A Novel Approach to Process Writing

Date: June 27, 2021

Time: 14:00 - 15:30

Zoom Meeting Link: Click Here

Meeting ID: 818 6353 0210

Passcode: wtjalt2021


This workshop will explore different approaches to student-led research in the classroom. We will examine my approach working with second-year students in an Academic English class, and brainstorm applications for both higher and lower-level students. I first began to experiment with student-led research projects in my Academic English classes. Traditionally in these classes the focus was on literature reviews of argumentative essays. Many students did not feel directly engaged with the content, and as a result their writing was often dry and unenthusiastic. As a firm believer in process writing, I wanted to introduce elements of student-led research with the paper writing and presentation process. My hope was to give students more agency and help them feel more personally invested in the writing process.

The original module was designed for a single semester. It familiarizes students with the concepts of questionnaire research, academic research papers, and academic presentation skills. The module roughly follows these phases, (1) Assignment introduction and overview, (2) Introduction to questionnaire research, (3) Selection of topics, (4) Vetting and piloting of questionnaires, (5) Introduction and literature review, (6) Methodology section, (7) Results and Discussion section, and (8) Conclusion and references.

We will examine the different discrete phases of the process; exploring how they might be adopted to different teaching contexts. My hope is that after this workshop we all come away with some fantastic ideas about how to increase learner motivation, engagement, and autonomy, and strengthen our own approaches to teaching paper writing and presentation skills.

Presenter Bio:

Scott McLellan teaches at various private and public universities in the Tokyo area. He currently lives in Ota-ku with his wife and their new baby. He holds a B. A in the History and Philosophy of Science from UBC, and an M.Ed in TESOL from Temple University. His areas of professional interest include Extensive Reading, Task-Based Language Teaching, and Flipped Instruction. His personal interests include cask-strength bourbon, world travel, and buying books he doesn’t have time to read.

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